Nice to see you, guys!

Angela Victoria, you can call me angel, March, 8th 1996 .. Im from Indonesia 🙂

My friends say that i hv alot of energy in my soul haha, im a very cheerful person, but if you know me deeper, im also hv a bit coolness ! 🙂 im a thinker, of course ..

I love badminton so much, but im not an expert, im a big fans of Ko Sung Hyun/Kim Ha Na … Do you like this mixed double pair too? im a big fans of Jay Zhou too, hes a multitalent artist from Taiwan, try to listen his songs, n you will know why i like him so much ..

I love reading …. Novels, comics, magazines, all kind of books .. Books drive me crazyy! haha, especially Harry Potter’s novel, im so in love with it!!

I love dancing too, Mandarin dance, modern dance, and a little ballet .. Dancing is my life, happy dancing! Dont forget to say that i like sleeping so much –> like a pig .. lol

Now, im a student at Parahyangan University, Bandung, Indonesia. I wanna be a successful auditor, Amin, pray for me please hahaha

n thats about me, maybe you will know me much better if you keep visiting and reading my blog :p who knows we’ll meet someday! 🙂



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